AFCAT 2020 Question Paper - Download PDF

AFCAT Question Paper with Solutions 2020- Free PDF Download

The previous year question paper might be the most underrated part of preparing for the AFCAT exam. If you don't practice with AFCAT question paper 2020, you won’t score… no matter how amazing you are with solving problems.

But to score in your AFCAT final exam, you need to understand key concepts of what type of question has been asked in the Air Force Common Admission Test, what was the pattern of question asked, how to answer, how to manage your time in the final exam and more. Fortunately, that’s exactly the kind of stuff this solved A.F.C.A.T. question paper of 2020 covers.

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Candidate can download the AFCAT Question Paper 2020 from the link below.

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The AFCAT 2020 question paper comprises of 100 Questions & each question is of three marks. One mark will be deducted for every wrong answer & No mark will be deducted for un-attempted questions. Candidates are not allowed to write on the question paper or make any mark on it. AFCAT question paper for the year 2020 all 100 Questions are MCQ based means every question will have four options in which one option will be correct & candidates are allowed 2 hours to give the test.

The AFCAT model paper of 2020 will help you in your preparation for your final examination. This paper has been downloaded from the AFCAT official website, So download the 2020 AFCAT paper in PDF with the answer key and start preparing for the Air Force Common Admission Test.


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