What to do after completing the syllabus?

This is the more important time in your class 10 or 12. You must utilize it in great care. In these months you are advised to devote first month in clearing your concept. Yes, if any where you get trouble or you are struck with any type of problem in maths or science. Clear all these misconceptions or doubts. Once you are done with crystal clear concepts, you are suggested to solve hard problems. This will surely check how much you have learnt through out the year. Although the percentage of hard questions in paper is few about 10 %. So get this marks in this period of time.

The next two months you should start revising the syllabus with sample paper and past year papers. You are advised to pick sample paper first. Especially when it comes to Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science or any numerical subject you must solve the 5 practise paper of each as per your subject. If You feel still get stuck in any subject, or you are not matching with requisite time, you need to practise more. in the last month you should go with your previous years papers of board to see where you actually stand after doing all the things that you can in a year.

Now many students think why I should practice sample paper and past year paper. The answer is of great importance. Since if you are a student of class 10 then you might not have given state boards earlier.

  • No experience : Earlier you have never given your exam outside the school. Your paper get set by your teacher but in state board exam these things changes. Through past year papers you come to know about the questions and papers. You get a feel of paper. For this, you must maintain exam hall environment in home like starting the test in the same time actual test begin. End the paper in the same time and do not exceed the time. Stop writing by yourself.
  • Time management : To ace the competition, you must do it. You should know what type of questions are asked state board exam and how much they carry marks. For instance, maths have four or five sections carrying 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 marks or it may be objective in many state boards of india. Now here comes management, it is the past year paper and the time spent at your home which will decide which section you want to start first. How much time you will devote in each and every section. Is allotting time to all the section saves some extra time for revising the silly mistakes or correcting the same. During practising, many times, you exceed the time then you should rethink what the wrong thing I am doing and correct it. Start with more marks questions as if in rush it misses out, then more damage goes on your result and distribute proper time accordingly. Also utilise the 15 mins allotted to read the question paper by solving objective question.
  • Silly mistakes : You come to know about the type of mistakes when you practise these paper. It may be calculational, conceptual and silly mistakes. Eliminate all these analysing the reason.
  • Repeating the pattern : Since you are practising these, chances are questions get repeated. May be data changes, but the pattern will remain same. You will surely get benefitted.
  • Clear scene : you will come to know about where you actually stand that is in which question you are weak. This will be covered in upcoming days and you are left with lesser weaker section so practise these past year papers.
  • Confidence : When you solve these papers, one thing is very sure you will get is confidence. When you solve the past year papers, a perception comes that these questions were asked and if I sit in that year I would have scored x marks. This perception of getting x marks is already good then probably on the exam day you will not feel pressure and it will be calm day. At last all the very best for your state boards.