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ISC CLASS 12 Previous Years Paper

Indian School Certificate (ISC) Class 12 examination Previous Years Question paper with Solution and Solved Sample paper

ISC Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions

ISC class 12 previous year question paper – I.S.C. class 12 previous year question paper includes all the subjects paper Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, English, Hindi, Accounts, Commerce, Computer Applications, and other subjects. All the ISC previous year papers links have been given below in PDF to download.

All students off ISC Class 12 board have a brilliant opportunity to score good marks in written exam. In this article, we have shared the previous year ISC class 12 question paper with answer. Students having doubt what type of questions is asked, how many questions are asked in the exam, you can clear your doubt by downloading the ISC previous question paper with Answer key.


ISC Geography Previous Year Paper

Syllabus of class 12th isc is very vast. Don’t worry pal start from the topic which you think is difficult. Make proper notes for the class 12th exam so that before the exam when you revise you will not face any difficulty. Make formula charts and hang them on the wall, this was the advice which I got from my teachers. Believe me, it works wonders. The time has come that you avoid any distraction which affects your result, we are not saying that you deactivate your FB account or uninstall any app, but the thing is being sensible to fully utilize your time. Make a productive time schedule for yourself, henceforth students can look at ISC Class 12 Previous Year Question Paper with solution for all subject.

ISC Class 12 Topper interview

Meet Dewang agarwall, the ISC topper of 2019 for valuable words. He revealed that he set daily target instead of fixing 6 hours or something else. Hard work, self believe and motivation are main elements behind his success. Listen to him more here:

ISC Class 12 Preparation tips

Math: the subject is very scoring if you have prepared it well. This subject has a simple rule: the more you practice the more you achieve. The paper has no theory in question and only problems. You should practice hard as much as you can with the prerequisite syllabus. Do practice sample papers and past year papers of ISC Class 12.

Physics: this subject have both theory and numerical. You cannot solely depend on anyone. If you are aiming for scoring higher or 90+ then you should have proper command on both of them. Always remember there is no substitute for hard work. Practice sample paper of ISC and solve past year papers.

Chemistry: this subject has major part in theory and less part in problems. Solve the paper and clear your doubts before you should sit for the paper. Must solve the past year papers.

Biology: thus subject is purely in hand of those who can memorize better and have good drawing or sketching. Although this subject requires some additional input but you can do score marks more.

English: the better you are in writing the better you grab. This subject requires thinking ability, idea and character plotting. Practice is the only key.

Economics: The subject has theory as well as numerical problems so to score 90+ marks you should have proper command on it. Practice hard and make revision before the exam at least one month before the exam.

Accounts: it is the mathematics paper of science. It means that it is very scoring if you have prepared it well. Questions are mostly numerical and 70+ is easy. But to score 90+ marks you should do every chapter in your hand. You cannot skip a single chapter.

ISC Class 12 Sample Paper

Students should practice sample paper. This is must if you are aiming for scoring higher marks. This will not only keep you update with current exam pattern but also teaches you about various exam factors. Pressure handling, time management, strategy these all play crucial role in exam and if you are introduced with these you will find your paper in dustbin and marks too. You should practice the paper in the right time in which actual exam is scheduled. Evaluate your paper yourself. Give the marks too. Make a list of your score and on basis of it decide in which subject you are nit strong. Pay proper attention to that subject. Under a subject also see which topic bothers you most and rectify it. For all these, you should practice 3 sample paper of each subject.

Why to Solve Previous Year Question Paper of ISC Class 12 ?

Now many students think why I should practice past year paper and also sample paper. Although practising any one make thing better but go with both. Sample paper where give your idea about the pattern of current year the past year paper give knowledge about the questions asked over few years. This you can get idea about the difficulty level of your ISC board. Apart from these, you should also grab these things and keep in mind these will play a crucial role:

  • Evaluation: Through past year papers you come to know about the questions and papers. You get a feel of paper. For this, you must maintain exam hall environment in home like starting the test in the same time actual test begin. End the paper in the same time and do not exceed the time. Stop writing by yourself. Evaluate your paper. Allot marks if you done with paper. You will get your weak topic in your mind.
  • Time management: To ace the competition, you must do it. You should know what type of questions are asked ISC BOARD and how much they carry marks. For instance, maths have two sections. Now here comes management, it is the past year paper and the time spent in section while practising at your home which will decide which section you want to start first. How much time you will devote in each and every section. Is allotting time to all the section saves some extra time for revising the silly mistakes or correcting the same. During practising, many times, you exceed the time then you should rethink what the wrong thing I am doing and correct it. Start with more marks questions as if in rush it misses out, then more damage goes on your result and distribute proper time accordingly. Also utilise the 15 mins allotted to read the question paper by solving objective question.
  • Silly mistakes: You come to know about the type of mistakes when you practise these paper. It may be calculational, conceptual and silly mistakes. Eliminate all these analysing the reason.
  • Repeating the pattern: Since you are practising these, chances are questions get repeated. May be data changes, but the pattern will remain same. You will surely get benefitted.
  • Clear scene: you will come to know about where you actually stand that is in which question you are weak. This will be covered in upcoming days and you are left with lesser weaker section so practise these past year papers.
  • Confidence: When you solve these papers, one thing is very sure you will get is confidence. When you solve the past year papers, a perception comes that these questions were asked and if I sit in that year I would have scored x marks. This perception of getting x marks is already good then probably on the exam day you will not feel pressure and it will be calm day. You feel like I can score x marks as I did in previous year papers. At last all the very best for your ISC board.